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Point of Sale (POS) systems that WebbPay resells are fully integrated with our All-In-One (AIO) Payment Terminals at no additional cost to you. Push transactions from POS systems straight to the AIO Payment Terminals with ease, so cashiers won’t have to enter it manually and provide the quick experience customers want. It means no double entry and fewer errors. Your business benefits from customer service, business intelligence, and profitability.

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Accept payment via e-Wallets, credit card and bank transfers online through our integrated e-commerce gateway. Provide convenience by allowing your customers to decide, how and when they want to make their purchases. Modernise your operations by bridging the gap between online sales and physical retail sales. Efficiently manage your inventory within one integrated eCommerce and POS solution.

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ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Bill Payments & Prepaid Topup at your fingertips through our mobile apps. It's easy, safe and convenient. As your customer traffic increases, you can expect your sales to increase as they walk in to pay a bill or perform a top-up, then look around and find something else they like to buy. You will have more products to sell without the need to invest in any stocks.



Automatically import reports into accounting softwares and send invoice reminders. Benefit from bank feeds to perform easy bank reconciliations. Save your time with automatic reconciliation at the end of the day, and sales reports that are broken down by payment types. All this is so that you can get back to what you do best.



Manage all your people, platforms and payrolls in one place. Automatic Payroll Calculations, Automatic Transactions and Automatic Pay Slip Distribution. Automate and streamline your company’s payroll, leave & claims filing. 

Cloud Payroll Software for SME industry.

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